Introducing our latest product – the RAD Trough Valve®

Sick of high power bills from pumps running when not necessary?
Sick of losing water from overflowing water troughs and sticking valves?

Then you need the RAD Trough Valve®. Radically simple.
The RAD Trough Valve® Is good for High or Low Pressure, Is Impact Resistant, Is Corrosion and Chemical resistant.


Macro Irrigation  - 14 Hawkins St, Bunbury, WA.  PH: 08 97924222
Busselton Machinery – Lot 2 Bussell Highway, Busselton, WA  PH: 08 97521522

You can contact us if you need something special. The RAD Trough Valve® is produced by Ladmach Engineering Pty Ltd so special sizes can be made to order. (quantity affects price).

Our lathes, milling machines, extensive tooling and competent tradesmen mean that we can manufacture almost any item you require, in any material you want.
We can make ‘one off’ components or provide multiples of your stock items.
Job examples:  shafts, head & tail pulleys, hydraulic cylinders & rams, rollers, thermowell tubes, bushes, nuts and bolts.
Metal spraying for repairs is also available.

We can overhaul, repair and rebuild a comprehensive range of equipment. Rebuilds and repairs can be done to your own special requirements and specifications.
Best practices are used and pumps and gearboxes are Test run before dispatch. Pick up and delivery can be easily arranged, with couriers calling in daily.
Job examples:  many types of Gearboxes including: Lightnin, SEW Eurodrive, Fenner, Cyclodrive, Morse. Many types of Pumps including: Warman, Gallagher, Ajax, Grundfos, KSB multi- stage.
Other: blowers, Head & Tail drums. Rotary feeders, agitators
With our large range of Supplier contacts we can access your replacement parts at competitive prices.

We have been operating for 24 years, servicing the diverse needs of mining companies, construction firms, farmers and wineries. Situated in the south west of Western Australia, we pride ourselves on ‘fast turn around’ and being able to adapt to the customers requirements and systems. With daily courier deliveries distance is not a problem.

Ph: 08 97272488
Fax: 08 97272518
Post: PO Box 215  CAPEL, 6271,  Western Australia
Location: 82 Ilmenite Cres,  Capel  WA